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    It is Prague, 1584. In the dark attic of the Synagogue, Rabbi Loew walks nervously. Piles of books on a desk, gold melting
    in the cauldron, and a mass of clay shaped into human form. “Now the last step,” exclaims the Rabbi, “because only with
    a true word will you come to life!” As the word “Truth” is engraved on the clay giant’s forehead and the word “God” is
    put into its mouth, a great silence descends upon the room. The eyes open, illuminated by a sinister light, and stare at
    the Rabbi’s gaze, waiting for its first order.

    The legend of the Golem is one of the most fascinating stories in the world and has its roots in the Jewish tradition.
    In Golem, this story inspires a strategic and complex game in which players take on the role of scholars focused on
    recreating the famous clay automas.

    Use your knowledge (represented by the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet “Aleph”) to study traditional books, collect
    gold and melt it down to create powerful artifacts, bring tireless Golems to life and send them to the city to do important
    jobs. You will need to maintain control of your Golems by using your students and spending the knowledge you have
    gained. You can also choose to kill your Golems to avoid paying for their maintenance.