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Great Western Trail Argentina




Great Western Trail is back! This time you are the owner of an estancia, an Argentinian ranch, at the end of the 19th century.
Get ready to travel the beautiful plains of the Pampas with your cattle and optimize all the options the paths have to offer. Will you be able to reach a loading ramp at the right time to load your herd on the train? From Buenos Aires, choose a ship before it sets sails to one of the great ports of Europe.

  • Ships sailing to the double-sided port cities tiles, offering diverse bonuses.
  • Additional functions to your cow cards for more strategic decisions.
  • A new type of card to manage in your deck: exhaustion cards.
  • Expanded player boards with new sections and auxiliary actions.
  • Advancing your engine will unlock shortcuts to reach Buenos Aires faster.
  • Help the farmers by visiting them on the alternate paths.
  • A new resource to collect, grain.
  • Confront Pedro in the solo mode and beat his score.